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Premium Lashes Provided By Chilli Chapel

Over our years of comprehensive experience, with constant 5 star ratings; we offer 4 styles of Eye Lashes.

1. Classics

2. Volume

3. Hybrids

4. Mega Volume

If you have never had Eye Lashes professionally applied before, the images below will offer you some guidance.

lash tech shrewsbury volume lashes

General Guidance And Infills

Generally speaking, most clients will require their lashes to have infills every 2-3 weeks.

The first time you visit Chilli Chapel, your lashes will take approximately 2 hours depending on your existing lashes and retention. 

Infill appointments can take between 1 - 1.5 hours.

It is important to note that lash retention must be at least 40% from your last appointment or they will require a full set. If you do not have an infill for more than 3 weeks they will require a full set, this is important to protect your natural eye lashes. 

Eye Lash Costs

The prices quoted below are correct as of March 2022, any changes will be notified to you in advance.

First Appointment And Full Set Costs

(Please allow 2 hours)

1. Full Set Of Classics £45.00

2. Full Set Of Hybrid Lashes £50.00

3. Full Set Of Volume Lashes £55.00

4. Full Set Of Mega Volume Lashes £60.00


Infill Charges Are Dependent On Allotted Time

1. 1 Hour Infill £25.00

2. 1.15 Minutes Infill £30.00

3. 1.30 Minutes Infill £35.00

Please refer to our frequently asked questions and terms and conditions page for further advice regarding Lashes and making an appointment.

Alternatively, if you have any questions please email us at or message us through Instagram at instagram/chillichapel

chilli chapel shrewsbury eye lash extensions
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