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New Brows - New You!

Having perfect eyebrows provides balance, shape and beauty to your face.

Some are lucky to have natural beautiful shaped eyebrows but most of us do not.

Eyebrows from Chilli Chapel highlights the beauty of your eyes.

The procedure that we provide is called Power Brows, sometimes referred to as Ombre Brows. This is a natural look so your brows are perfect all day, every day.

This is a tattoo procedure that gives shading to your brows whilst not affecting your natural brows. 

Perfect Brows 

Powder Brows is a cosmetic semi-permanent make up technique to enhance the brow area. When healed it gives a soft powder look similar to HD brows or when they have been filled in using make up. 

To achieve these results, pigment is implanted into the skin using a cosmetic machine similar to what professional tattoo artists use.

Powder Brows have a soft make up look and are a great option for Clients who have oily or mature skin as the pigment holds better. Many Clients prefer Powder Brows for the pencilled/filled in look it provides. 

Step By Step

When the brows are first tattooed, they will appear darker in colour. Please note that it takes up to 4 weeks for them to fully heal.

The charge for Powder Brows also includes a top up 4 weeks after your appointment, this will refine any areas that need it.

After your first appointment, as with any tattoo, the skin will harden which may lead to pealing. It is extremely important that you do not pick at your new brows as you may remove some of the pigment. 

As your skin heals you will see the true colour of your new brows!


It is recommended to have a 12-18 month top up to keep your brows looking their best, this would be a one-off treatment. 
Avoid putting Retnol, vitamin C or Hydroquinone on the brow area as this will prematurly fade the tattoo. 

Client Examples

Each appointment takes approximately 2 hours. Here a few examples of before and after. We have many client testimonials, if you would like to see some of these prior to a treatment please contact us.

ombre brows shrewsbury
powder brows shrewsbury
ombre brows shropshire

Some Common Questions

Q: How long would my new brows last?

A: Powder Brows can last for up to 2-3 years, although a top-up is recommended after 12-18 months

Q: Is it painful?

A: With any cosmetic procedure there can be some discomfort, however, numbing cream is applied beforehand and most Clients do not have any discomfort.

Q: Will they fade?

A: As mentioned above, Powder Brows can last for 2-3 years so fading will happen. Although this varies from Client to Client.

These three questions are the most commonly asked. There are more detailed questions on our FAQ page, you can view that by clicking this link

Powder Brows Costs

For your full 2 hour appointment and aftercare, costs:




On the day we will consult with you first and talk you through the procedure.

If you require a consultation in advance and have questions not provided on our website, you can book a 1 hour time period.

The cost for a consultation in advance is £20.00.

If you decide to book for the treatment for another time, your consultation fee will be recredited back to you. 

To book your Powder Brows or consultation please use the following link:

Prior to your Powder Brow Semi Permanent Makeup

To ensure the very best results from your procedure please observe the following:

  • Stop taking blood thinners (if permissible) such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Fish Oil and Niacin a minimum of 2 days prior to your treatment. Only stop taking any of these medicines if not prescribed by a General Practitioner 

  • Avoid alcohol 48 hours prior to your treatment

  • Avoid caffeine on the day

  • Eat before treatment

  • Wear something warm and comfortable


You will be provided with an aftercare card to take away with you. However it is useful to read it before attending your procedure.

If you have any other questions please contact us at 

All enquiries are responded to within 12 - 24 hours during working hours.

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