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chilli chapel semi permanent make up

Re-Imagining Your Face 

The lips are a central focus of our face. Every time we talk to someone our lips are examined and observed. Renewing your lips or highlighting their contours rejuvenates your appearance providing you with the next level of confidence. 

How It Works

Lip Blush is a cosmetic tattoo that can add definition to the lips borders, cover fordyce spots (normal white spots under the skin), camouflage scars and lighten dark lips.

Lip Blush can last up to 5 years but usually Clients return every 12-18 months to keep the colour looking fresh.

By having a Lip Blush treatment it can increase the volume of your natural lips. However, it is not the same as fillers; so if you are wanting both, it is recommended to have your Lip Blush done first as it lasts much longer than fillers. If you have already had fillers, you need to wait 4 weeks for the filler to settle before having a Lip Blush procedure. 

You will be shown a swatch of various lip colours that you can choose from and colours can be mixed to create your own custom shade. If you have a favorite lip stick shade, please bring it with you and we can recreate it! 

Please bear in mind this is semi-permanent make up and the initial colour will fade by 60% when choosing your shade. You will need a top up appointment 6 weeks after your original appointment and if any colour tweaks are needed, they can be done then. Please note that your follow up appointment is included in the fee you pay.

Once your treatment is complete, the healing process is usually around 7-14 days. In this time you will be given an ointment to apply and you must avoid lipsticks or gloss. The true colour of your Lip Blush treatment will be visible after 6 weeks before your top up.


Your appointment will take 2 hours

Your top up will take 1 hour

Please note that if you suffer with cold sores on the lips, you will need to take antiviral medications after having your treatment. Aciclouir tablets are commonly prescribed by GP's. Micro wounds from any tattoo can cause trauma to the skin and can cause a flare up. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have. We also have a detailed FAQ page and you can view that page by clicking this link 

Client Examples

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Booking Your Appointment And Pricing

You can book by emailing us and we will send you a link. The link will inform you of availability. It will also offer a variety of times for your booking.

We do offer a consultation if you would like to discuss lip blush tattooing in more detail. Consultations can be booked for up to 1 hour at the cost of £20.00. If you do book for your Lip Blush treatment the consultation fee will be re-credited back to you. 

If you have specific questions you can email at

The cost of your Lip Blush treatment is:


The fee also includes a top up 6 weeks after your procedure. 

Prior To Your Appointment And Aftercare

This is a cosmetic procedure conducted in a sterile environment. As such there are a few steps you need to take in preparation. 

Please ensure:

  • You apply numbing cream to the Lip area one hour before your treatment. We recommend Elma cream that can be purchased over the counter. 

  • Ensure Lips are well moisturised before attending your appointment. This is important to ensure even results.

  • Try to refrain from having coffee on the day of your appointment and no alcohol 48 hours beforehand. 

Post Treatment

You will be given this post treatment guidance card upon completion, it is worth reading beforehand.

lip blush aftercare chilli chapel

Other Notes

Chilli Chapel is fully licensed and insured to undertake this cosmetic procedure. For further information and our terms and conditions please view our relevant links in the footer of this site. 

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